Ashley Down Green

One of Bristol's Best Kept Secrets


Play Area

As part of the planning permission for new housing developments around the Green, funding was agreed for a new Play Area.

With the transfer of ownership of the Green to Bristol City Council in 2014 – this funding has now been donated, and the council are planning a Consultation on a new Play Area in February 2015.

The Friends of Ashley Down Green have already gathered views and opinions from the local community with meetings, surveys and workshops, and whilst there’s a mix of viewpoints – there’s a clear preference for a play area that uses natural materials and a natural colour pallette to blend into the setting.

However – we are awaiting the Council’s consultation – where they will present the local community with 3 different costed options and inviting feedback. We’ll be helping the council organise events around the consultation when the time comes.

Other Suggestions

Of course the Play Area is just one part of the park that could be improved – and we’d love to hear your ideas for what could be done with the space.

Previous ideas have included:

  • Planting Fruit Trees and Growing Vegetables
  • Wildlife Trail

To send us your ideas just email us at